about us

Corporate Vision---Committed to becoming a world-class supplier of new materials and a leader in application technology
in strategic positioning
The company is committed to becoming a world-class leather chemical supplier, integrating the comprehensive resources and advantages of the company's marketing, technology, service, management and culture, and building an organization with customer service - product development - providing system solutions as the core, Implement a competitive strategy based on personalized service, and achieve the strategic goal of the company becoming the first brand in the domestic industry, occupying the highest domestic market share and having strong international competitiveness.
on staff development
The company adheres to the employment principle and management concept of "putting morality first and making the best use of people's talents"; "identity with the company, self-identity, and harmonious progress" is the common code of conduct for employees, forming the basic connotation of "equality, justice, innovation, and democracy" The organizational ethics of the company, "dedication, communication, self-discipline" as the basic connotation of the leading public opinion, improve employees' sense of responsibility, communication skills and collaboration skills, promote teamwork spirit, in order to achieve the human resource management goal of "developing enterprises and developing people".
our dream is
With the core of "bringing progress for the industry and people" and "jointly creating and sharing results", we will build a cooperative enterprise, a technological enterprise, and an innovative enterprise. Strengthen organizational construction, improve organizational efficiency, activate organizations, and activate employees. Produce first-class products, provide first-class services, create first-class brands, cultivate first-class talents, build first-class enterprises, and make first-class contributions.
Our guiding principles are
With the corporate ethics of "people-oriented, honesty-oriented" and the scientific research spirit of "leading technology", we seek the progress of the industry, create value for the society, contribute to the nation, work hard for the development and happiness of employees, and provide customers with high-quality technology Services and high-tech products to promote customer development.